I wonder why these hurricanes are given female names. Does it imply that as women we are that aggressive. This is really something to laugh about, really. Kathrina, now Dineo. Anyway whatever they decide to call it, I found yet another rough backround to express calmer side of a woman. I just was amzed at the magic God is always embracing us with and yet we miss it right in front of us. ​

3D expression of perfection



Today it is very hot in Johannesburg. I could do with a swim. I thought I would look like a trophy wife in the 60’s. By the way which eund her neck with killer sunglasses. There was something classy about her look. Too much strive was not necessary. She kept her look simple but it was beckoning respects.

​He tone and material was feminine, fragile and yet head strong. I interpreted her look in my own way but I had to have the snicker on. Pulling the shirt collar up added a fashion touch only she could understand. ​


I parked next to the car service garage.  I saw this black painted wall and as they say….there is light at the end of the tunnel. Contrast is beautiful to those with an artistic eyes. Like the light bulb when mickey mouse gets an idea, an urge to put paint on this canvas got hold of me. Shady or not, the future seemed too bright. I had to protect my eyes because the concentration should be at the background. The 3D figure zooms better. Do I make sense?

I’ll be back has emerged

That is the beauty of vintage, it never dies. I have been in far distant lands doing a whole lot of growing up and maturing. A lot has changed since I’ve been gone.  I see that vintage in Jozi has been trending. I can’t say much about Pretoria. I  have tried schooling them but failed to get them to understand the beauty in being your own person fashion-wise. I will not give up on them because these things take time. Hey, giving back is human. 


Fur coats have a unique language they communicate. The minute a lady puts on one, I immediately say… Mmm…She is classic. I loved how they used to wear it in the 40’s. It was too bad for Jewish ladies in the world war times. Those generals must bring back those rich women’s treasure.

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